FlexSpooler ProgramSuite 2019

The FlexSpooler ProgramSuite is our robust and reliable solution for batch processing for the 3D CAD system Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software. As Solution Partner Siemens PLM Software Velocity Series we offer meanwhile more than 20 unique programs as part of the suite. The suite grows continuously and distinguishes oneself by programs with extraordinary features and high flexibility. Attractive pricing, based on the number of seats of Solid Edge, allows also small design offices to take profit from the productivity of this solution well proven on even largest sites. Also sites operating globally may take profit from the economic corporate licensing model which allows the software to be used on all sites world wide without any limitation.

Overview - FlexSpooler ProgramSuite 2019

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Windows Process Accounting

We offer with our product for Windows Process Accounting an unique and flexible solution for the accounting and extensive reporting of cpu time usage by processes running on Windows and Linux systems. This allows your company easily to account and share the costs of i.e. expensive, network licensed, scientific calculation and simulation software.

Overview - Windows Process Accounting

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