We offer vendor independent IT engineering services in software development, consulting of technology and training. We are dedicated to find the best IT solution for a given problem to solve.

Our consulting services help you to choose from a selection of the most suitable technologies and software solutions for your specific problem. Our dedication in finding a good solution keeps attention on the solution to be cost efficiently, to have a guaranteed future, to be expandable in future and to integrate your existing components and systems. Fields of the solution that are not covered by using standard components will be developed by individual solutions or by expanding these components if possible.

Because skilled and trained employees will help you to get the most profit of any solution, we also offer to create the concept of trainings, to create training materials and to keep trainings or workshops on ourself.

For the finding of an IT solution more than 25 years of professional IT experience (15 years along with the most well-known international IT companies in the CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM and IT Service business) help to keep the focus on the essentials and to consider current and also future trends.

Our partnership with Microsoft and Siemens PLM Software allows fast access to direct support from the vendors and ensure access to most recent technologies and software releases.



For the development of software components for the client/server Microsoft Windows platforms we use basically the Microsoft technologies .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Services and the Microsoft Office product suite. We use the programming languages C#, VB and the script languages DOS/Batch, Windows Scripting Host (wsh) and PowerShell.


On Linux we prefer to use the free .NET implementation Mono where applicable. We use for our projects the programming languages C#, C++, Perl/Tk and the shell script languages bash, ksh and others. We also use PHP and MySQL.


We develop solutions mainly for the 3D CAD-System Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software and for their PDM/PLM products Solid Edge Insight and TeamCenter Express.


Our IT know-how for reliable, efficient and economical IT solutions for your daily business.